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In an online certificate program, you’ll hone your professional skills while also familiarizing yourself with new technologies, programs and methods to fully capitalize on your potential. For those who know what career they seek and how they will pursue it, a certificate or diploma program provide the essential training needed to operate professionally. Certificate programs teach specialized skills that can help you update your overall skill set or pursue focused knowledge in an area of interest.

Graduates of online certificate programs and courses qualify for entry-level positions in a wide variety of fields, such as accounting, graphic design, and office management, as well as executive positions, such as

Online Certificate Programs

leadership management. In addition, online certificate programs enable participants to meet specific requirements for professional certification in fields such as management, financial planning, teaching and healthcare. Online certificates are perfect for highly educated people that wish to add to their skill set, or for students that are looking for a better job but can’t spend the time or money on a college degree. Another benefit of getting a certificate is it will enable you to get a better paying job while continuing your higher education.

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Platt College
Turn your talents into a career. Nationally recognized and accredited Platt College offers degree programs in Graphic Design, Multimedia, IT Networking and Paralegal.

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Online Certificate Program Overview

An online certificate program may be offered by a college or university, a professional organization or a private company. Consisting of courses or modules, a certificate program usually allows you to complete one module at a time, working at your own pace. A maximum time limit for completing each module is typically enforced.

An online certificate is perfect for anyone that is looking for a new career or advancement within their current job. These certificates differ from a regular college degree because they are short-term, career-oriented programs that can be completed at your own pace, and on your own time.

Online certificate programs are available in most subjects, including the fields of design, healthcare, business, and information technology (IT). Compared to degree programs, which tend to be more generalized, online certificate programs equip the learner with a specific, necessary set of skills. As a result, the knowledge and skills you acquire from an online certificate program will help you stand out from the competition. Add to the fact that online certificate programs offer flexibility to learners who are trying to balance the demands of their school, career and family lives, and it's easy to see why online degree programs are such a popular choice.

Certificate Program Curricumlum

The curricula in most online certification programs are designed to equip you with advanced training in specific areas of your profession. In a technology certification program, such as A+ certification, you will take one or two main courses in A+ programming and then take a certification exam when you've completed these courses. Similarly, a coaching certification program will consist of two or three courses - such as coaching theory and technique, philosophy of school athletics and health sciences - in preparation to take a state coaching certification exam.

Teaching certification programs are generally designed to prepare individuals for teaching positions who have bachelor's degrees in fields other than education. In a teaching certification program, you are likely to see general courses like education principles and teaching practice, but you will also take courses related to your chosen specialty area, such as early childhood education, middle school science or K-12 music. A student teaching practicum is usually required so that you can gain practical experience in the classroom.

Types of Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Typically a highly focused program, students earn an undergraduate certificate in a year or less . Non-degree programs focus only on the necessary, practical skills for success in a specific field. Programs exist in a wide array of disciplines ranging from business and education to health care and technology. Undergraduate certificate programs are typically very skill-specific and fast paced—some can even be completed in a semester. Credits earned in such programs maybe applied toward an associates or bachelors degree. For those who already hold an undergraduate degree, diplomas and certificates are a practical supplement to their degree as they signify additional, specified knowledge. They also allow degree holders to shift careers or fields with minimal years of additional schooling.

Graduate Certificate Programs

A graduate certificate not only prepares you for unforeseen challenges, but it also signifies initiative and vocational expertise. A graduate certificate entails dedicated, in-depth study of your primary field. By honing existing skills while also acquiring new ones, you’ll emerge poised to strategically deal with new challenges and responsibilities as you advance in your career. Designed with working professionals in mind, most programs can be completed in less than a year. With the ability to schedule courses at your convenience, coursework easily integrates into your life’s personal and professional commitments. You set the pace as an elearner; but no matter the pace you choose, you’ll emerge with vocational skills that translate to job options. Should you later pursue an advanced degree, most credits earned in a graduate certificate program can be applied to one of the online masters programs. Whether you’re interested in business administration, education, healthcare or computers and technology , programs exist that can help you focus on the practical skills and methods necessary for promotion in your current field or the mobility to shift careers.

Some of the more common certificates include: management, database development or management, crime scene technology, website design and development, accounting, business administration, and much more. These programs are designed to help you acquire the practical skills you need to get into the job you want.



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