Combating Fears of an Online Education

by Todd Garner on March 3, 2015

Combating fears of an online education

Even if you’ve been to college for an undergraduate degree, going back to school via the Internet can still be a somewhat frightening proposition.  Fear of the unknown and taking a step into the world of online learning — something with which you may not yet have had any experience — could leave you feeling uneasy about your chances of success.  But there are other things that you may want to consider when deciding whether to try your hand at an online education.


Fear of Age

Sitting in a classroom full of college freshman, just about everyone will likely to notice the “old guy” sitting in the front row or walking into the room.  With an online program however, your age may never come into play since you might never even see your classmates face-to-face.

With an online degree program, you might actually be able to utilize the experience of your age to your advantage.  You’ve likely been around the block a few times, may already have years of work experience under your belt, and will be able to apply the new skills you are studying in your degree program to real world experiences.  So in essence, your age could actually help you in some ways with your online education.


Fear of Balancing

For some people, there is the concern of not being able to balance their online education with their work, family and social lives.  For many however, one of the major benefits of online learning is its ability to be better molded to particular scheduling needs than a classroom style environment.  This means that you may have much more leeway in balancing certain aspects of your life with an online degree schedule than one at a brick-and-mortar institution.

Secondly, if you have a heavy workload, multiple family obligations, or a busy social life, then you may already be a wiz at time management and multi-tasking.  Therefore, adding the aspect of education to your life, while it may be dumping more on your plate, might just mean you’ll have to move some things around, restructure your schedule, or make other sacrifices.


Fear of the Unknown

Sure, it can be scary to start off on a new path in life with a future unknown.  At least with an online education though, you may have fewer unknowns to contend with than what you might find at a campus-based institution.  Getting a degree online may take some of the guesswork out of your educational process.

While everyone’s educational process is a little bit different, with an online degree, you may not find yourself having to get along with a new roommate, moving to a new city or location to attend school, or trying to make new friends.  There likely won’t be the need to learn how to find your way to class around a new campus environment, and you may be able to stick with the old job you have grown accustomed to rather than having to find one in your new location.


Such factors may mean that there are far fewer unknowns with an online degree option than one that takes place at a campus-based institution.  Plus, sometimes a little of the unknown is good.  It can help push you outside of your comfort zone, get your blood pumping, and create new opportunities that may not have been available had you not taken a chance.

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